"I began taking Alexander Technique with Cindi in order to address ongoing sciatic and lower back pain issues. While physiotherapy and massage treatments had provided some acute relief, their results were only temporary. Learning Alexander Technique encouraged me to consider issues with any particular body part in the context of the whole body organization and recognise how this can affect the experience of chronic pain. It showed me how to ask myself for positive readjustments that both release chronic muscular tension and strengthen supportive elements. Cindi’s attentive, knowledgeable and insightful instruction in body reorganization through Alexander Technique has been invaluable to my progress in greatly relieving my issues and in recognizing and addressing the underlying postural and movement habits at their core.” - S.S., Medical Research Scientist


"I noticed a huge difference in my posture, breathing, voice from my very first session with Cindi. I have continued to work with her and used what I have learned outside of our time together. I not only enjoy the physical benefits of working with Cindi but the mental calmness that comes with just breathing and taking notice of the tension and stress we store in our bodies. Alexander technique is great for everyone from actors to athletes or just for everyday life. Cindi is a wonderful teacher who takes the time and effort to make sure you get the most out of your time together." - S.M., Actor


"Cindi's gentle and clear guidance always brings me back to feeling at home in my body. Her background as a dancer lends a deep layer of body knowledge to the storehouse of wisdom in the Alexander Technique. Through Cindi's hands-on work and verbal cues I've gained insight into some of my habitual patterns and have found a renewed feeling of calm and well-being in body and mind. I highly recommend her as a wonderful teacher of the Alexander Technique!" - D.B., LMT, Zero Balancing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Professional Modern Dancer


"Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing the Alexander Technique with Cindi. The results were astonishing and immediate! Cindi guides you through the process, explaining the technique in a relaxing and quiet environment. I felt very connected with my body throughout the experience. Afterwards, I felt lighter, calm in mind, fluid in my body, and most importantly, like the mind/body/soul had been bridged-- I recommend everyone try this incredible experience!" - L.M., MSW, LCAT, Social Worker, Art Therapist, Psychotherapist


"Wow! I cannot thank you enough for yesterday! I will be honest with you-- it was the first full night sleep last night I had in about a month! Amazing!" (at four months into pregnancy) - Tiffany B., ATR-BC, LCAT


"My experience with the Alexander technique through the work of Cindi was amazing. I was surprised with how intensely my body changed with the information I discovered during the sessions. She was not doing something for me but guiding me in a way that I had to figure out for myself how to reorganize my body; it was a very autonomous process. Her delicate hands and her perception about when to say helpful things or when to be quiet let me discover what I needed. Cindi's true curiosity and interest in this process helped me discover amazing things about my body. I’m a dancer, and I have some body consciousness-- but also a lot of dancers' addictions of how to do things, and an overly active posture in relationship to my body. During the sessions I felt how hard it was to be present in the space without unnecessary strength, and how to be relaxed and still be able to focus my eyes and be aware of what’s around me. The perception of the three-dimensionality of the body, the connection between the front and the back, the space inside my throat, how wide my back is, how the floor is always lifting me without any need of pressing against it, the tension I have in my legs and the challenge of connecting them to my torso-- all these observations are changing so much the way I live and work with my body. Also an immediate result of the sessions was that I had great relief from the pain I was having because of my scoliosis – which was the reason why I looked for Cindi. Through consciousness and softening of the body, I found a different way of aligning my spine. I also felt taller (sometimes during the sessions I actually felt like I was about to fly). It’s a very deep process, and I've only just begun. I recommend this for everyone who is interested in healing, discovering and loving yourself. I’m very grateful to Cindi for introducing me to this beautiful technique." - B.M., Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher, and former student of the Limón Professional Studies Program in New York City


"Like most people, I have a long list of improvements I am constantly thinking I *should* be making in my life, with regard to diet, physical activity and wanting to look and feel better. Working with Cindi using the Alexander Technique has helped me see a lot of things with a new perspective including accepting our selves as we are, where we are in the moment. I have found that this acceptance is a key starting point for actually being able to make changes, taking away the idea of what I "should" be. Accepting myself as I am is far more positive and ultimately more productive. Physically, it's helped me become aware of my body in a new way while improving my posture and natural alignment and easing back pain and physical discomfort. During every lesson I experience the direct connection between thoughts and making small changes in those thoughts which I see manifested physically in my body, but also mentally and emotionally. AT feels so subtle at first but now I see it as an essential element of my well-being and continuous journey towards self-improvement. It has taught me the idea of allowing myself to change, asking myself rather than demanding or condemning, and that shift in thinking and the whole-body results have been profound and dare I say, life-altering in a wonderfully positive way. It is marvelous." - A.R.




(In Portuguese)

"Minha experiência com a técnica Alexander através do trabalho de Cindi foi incrível. Fiquei surpresa com o quão intensamente o meu corpo mudou com as informações que eu descobri durante as sessões - porque ela não estava fazendo algo para mim, mas tocando meu corpo de uma forma que eu mesma tive que descobrir como reorganizá-lo, foi um processo muito autônomo. Com suas mãos delicadas, sua percepção acurada sobre quando dizer coisas úteis ou quando ficar quieta e me deixar descobrir o que eu precisava, e sua verdadeira curiosidade e interesse neste processo Cindi me fez descobrir coisas surpreendentes sobre o meu corpo. Eu sou uma dançarina e tenho alguma consciência do meu corpo, mas também um monte de vícios de dançarinos sobrecomo fazer as coisas, e uma postura muito ativa em relação ao meu corpo. Durante as sessões eu senti o quão difícil é estar presente no espaço sem força desnecessária, e como estar relaxada e ainda ser capaz de focar meus olhos e estar ciente do que está ao meu redor. A percepção do corpo tridimensional, a ligação entre a frente e a parte de trás do corpo, o espaço dentro da minha garganta, como são amplas as minhas costas, como o chão está sempre me levantando sem qualquer necessidade de pressioná-lo - porque a gravidade faz isso por si mesma , a tensão que eu tenho em minhas pernas e dificuldade para conectá-los com o meu torso ... Todas estas percepções estão mudando muito a maneira que eu vivo e trabalho com meu corpo. Também um resultado imediato das sessões foi que eu tive um grande alívio na dor que eu estava tendo por causa da minha escoliose - que foi a razão pela qual eu procurei Cindi pela primeira vez. Através da consciência e do amaciamento do corpo eu estou encontrando uma maneira diferente de alinhar a minha coluna. Eu também senti que estou mais alta (às vezes durante as sessões eu realmente senti como se estivesse prestes a voar). É um processo muito profundo e eu só comecei, mas eu recomendo para qualquer um que esteja interessado na cura, descoberta e amor a si mesmo. Eu sou muito grata a Cindi por ter me apresentado estalinda técnica." - B.M., Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher, and former student of the Limón Professional Studies Program in New York City



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