Private lessons are the most effective and efficient way to learn the Alexander Technique for the majority of students. F.M. Alexander originally taught his work in the form of individual private lessons.  


Private lessons are about 45 minutes. Students are encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for free movement.





To experience significant change, most students find that a course of lessons helps them build a solid foundation and begin bringing about some of the benefits of the Technique on their own. The exact number of recommended lessons depends on each student's particular needs. In general, most people find considerable benefit after about eight to ten lessons-- and even longer-lasting benefit after 24-30 lessons.


A back pain study by the British Medical Journal showed that students experience even greater and longer-lasting benefit after approximately 24 lessons. After one year, the participants who used only exercise to address their back pain had only 17% less disability and reported no less pain. But one year after 24 Alexander lessons, participants in the study reported 42% less disability and 86% fewer days of pain.