“Developing a deep connection within ourselves is the first step to be able to extend it to all our relationships. Alexander Technique is not a posture technique but a way of reconnecting with our bodies.” - F.F.



"I had great relief from pain I was having because of my scoliosis. It’s a very deep process, and I've only just begun. I recommend this for everyone who is interested in healing, discovering and loving yourself." - B.M., Professional Dancer



"Learning Alexander Technique encouraged me to consider issues with any particular body part in the context of the whole body organization and recognise how this can affect the experience of chronic pain... Cindi’s attentive, knowledgeable and insightful instruction in body reorganization through Alexander Technique has been invaluable to my progress in greatly relieving my issues and in recognizing and addressing the underlying postural and movement habits at their core.” - S.S., Medical Research Scientist



"I noticed a huge difference in my posture, breathing, voice from my very first session with Cindi. Alexander Technique is great for everyone from actors to athletes or just for everyday life. Cindi is a wonderful teacher who takes the time and effort to make sure you get the most out of your time together." - S.M., Actor



"Cindi guides you through the process, explaining the technique in a relaxing and quiet environment. I felt lighter, calm in mind, fluid in my body, and most importantly, like the mind/body/soul had been bridged." - L.M., Art Therapist, Psychotherapist



"Working with Cindi has helped me see a lot of things with a new perspective including accepting ourselves as we are, where we are in the moment. I have found that this acceptance is a key starting point for actually being able to make changes. I see it as an essential element of my well-being and continuous journey towards self-improvement." - A.R.